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You have an amazing idea, and you know it could change lives for the better. You’ve put countless hours into your work—writing speeches, books or digital content— and maybe you’ve even poured your resources into trainings and events.

But are your audiences changing the way they operate once they close your book or leave their seats? Chances are, they’re not.

Recent studies show that people have a “forgetting curve” of about a month, over which they lose 75% of the content they consumed. And people can’t act on what they don’t remember.

It’s time to start investing in the most crucial part of changing people through your message: sustaining it.



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Thought leaders

If you have a wealth of expertise or a life-changing message, we offer a fully-produced online course complete with custom branding and interactive elements. Learn more.

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If you have a process that falls flat once you leave the room,  we offer ghostwriting services and ongoing online experiences while you’re on to the next live training. Learn more.

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corporate teams

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If you have a vision for getting your people on the same page, we offer online learning experiences to unify teams and bridge gaps between departments. Learn more.

If you’re a creative hoping to monetize your idea or an entrepreneur ready for the next level, Elle will help you strategize to soar. Learn more.


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Brands Who Went Beyond

“Three months ago, everybody wanted to quit. Now, people actually love being here. We’ve changed so much because of this program—the customers have noticed and they’re loving it too.”
— McDonald's General Manager

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